The Dirty Dozen 

Yes! We HAVE 12 Taps

What's the one thing that's NEVER CONSTANT at Jimmys?


Our Tap List.

We constantly rotate, and try not to repeat the beers

(unless its by demand).

Our list is soo dynamic that we hardly have time to update it on here!

From The Barrel


What's the OTHER thing that's NEVER CONSTANT at Jimmys?


Our Spirits List .We constantly rotate, and get new products. 

Some of our current spirits include



Dark Valley - Gambler's Dice

Dark Valley - Shephard's Crook

The Ten - Profile 9, single Malt Whisky (HEAVILY PEATED)

Limeburners - Infinity Cask

Amrut - Portonova

Octamore - 8.1

Octomore - 8.4

The Machphail's Collection - Gordon Macphail - Single Malt

Sortilage - Canadian Maple Syrup Based Whisky

and many more...